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In the spring of 1991, as a recent college grad with a new job, I began the search for my first “Real Apartment.” What I encountered was one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks I’d ever undertaken. I tried the free apartment search companies, but still didn’t find what I really wanted. I certainly didn’t want to settle for whatever came along. I spent the better part of a month poring over the classifieds and making phone calls, usually only to find out that the apartment advertised was no longer available.

There really had to be a better way.

A few years later, Apartment Detectives was born. Based on the principle that people deserve to be able to move without headaches, I developed a streamlined search technique that can provide better results in one day than most people have in a month.

I compiled an extensive database of rental properties in the area, and met and formed relationships with property managers. Today, that principle remains the driving force behind Apartment Detectives. Although Apartment Detectives has grown, our philosophy still remains the same: We take care of one customer at a time.

Apartment Detectives is an Apartment Search and Corporate Housing Service unique to Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. This customized, thorough, Apartment finding service makes relocation to, or moving within the District of Columbia, painless and frustration free. Whether it be furnished corporate apartments in Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, or studio apartments you'd like to see, give us a call today.

Apartment Detectives has served a variety of clients on all levels including private corporations, law firms, associations, television stations, radio stations and students. These individuals presented Apartment Detectives with a variety of circumstances: relocating to the Washington, DC area, lived further away from downtown and needed a place to stay during the week to avoid a long commute, needed to stay within a certain budget, too busy working to have the time to look themselves or had the time but just plain hated looking for apartments and needed help to make their search as painless as possible. So, they called Apartment Detectives.

Apartment Detectives customizes each search to suit each individual client's needs such as; location, parking spot, pets, and color palette. Whatever your priorities may be, these become the priorities of Apartment Detectives. You will see only the apartments which feature what you want, within your price range; not 50 apartments that are not at all what you're interested in seeing. Apartment Detectives' goal is to take away the frustration of searching for apartments, houses or condominiums. We do it for you.


Nancy Simmons, Founder, Apartment Detectives

Nancy Simmons, Founder, Apartment Detectives